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By Linda Lee Cooper

Sunday, February 13, 2011

National Mother of the Bride Blog Day

For those of you who have been following Lauren and Jesse’s blog you know that they are quite ambitious in their blogging efforts. I am frequently asked, “Mom have you read our blog lately?” (and sometimes Lauren asks me too. )

Yes, I read the blog, just not daily, and I don’t always leave a comment so there is no real evidence that I even read it. So here is my attempt to make up for those days I didn’t read it, and for those days when I did read it, but didn’t comment. Let me just say that I get some of my best humor and laughter when I read their blog. I think these two affianced wedding bloggers are quite the word wizards who are not only quite literate and descriptive but…well…...frankly very funny.

Keith and I have been helping them plan the wedding and are looking very forward to the big event (Lauren calls it the 'epic event' but that might be a stretch). The wedding will be held on our farm and playing host to this occasion is something that we very much look forward to. I have been picking up fun stuff
here and there and have been wedding or bridesmaid shopping a total of 3 times. Suffice it to say, Lauren is is a bride to be who knows what she wants when she sees it and she was able to settle on her dress on the first visit to in Rochester and it was ordered and paid for and has now been delivered and hangs in one of our spare closets. The bridesmaid’s dresses will all be the same designer, color, fabric and length, but of varied styles based on the choice of the six bridesmaids. They were even pretty economical as Lauren is attempting to keep things within a reasonable budget. The caterer (Nancy Jo’s Catering from Truman, MN who also did our niece Leah’s wedding) and photographer have been secured and we are even going to utilize the assistance of Naura Anderson who is a very skilled and experienced event planner!

Did I say budget…? Keith and I have intentionally not set a budget and not because money
is not an issue. We didn’t say…. “keep her under X dollars” but instead are just proceeding with care and caution and see how it goes. Right, wrong, or otherwise, that’s how we are doing it. Keith and I are thrilled that Lauren has met such a wonderful guy to share her life with. Jesse is such a sweet, kind, and caring, smart, and funny guy. He is so laid back and even tempered and fits in perfectly with our family. He likes sports and games and is a genius at most kinds of trivia, especially sports and music. He enjoys spending time with family and friends and really has a good head on his shoulders. Any guy that will put up with those two little ‘pup-pup’s’ that Lauren has, is a pretty special guy. So suffice it to say that Keith and I are happy to help with the blessed event and are really looking forward to this. These two are MFEO!!!

Next post- and I hope it won't a six months this time...will show the progression of the barn as we transform it from this to a venue befitting of the Big Fat Fun Farm Wedding on August 27, 2011. Who knows? Maybe I can even get the Father of the Bride to post a little too....

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